April 22-23, 2024

International scientific and practical conference «Food and Environmental Security in Modern Geopolitical Conditions: Problems and Solutions» (EPFS2024)

Kostanay, Kazakhstan

Dear Colleagues!

Kostanay Engineering and Economics University named after M. Dulatov, together with partners, is holding the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Food and Environmental Security in Modern Geopolitical Conditions: Problems and Solutions” (EPFS2024) on April 22-23, 2024.

Leading scientists from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, and the People's Republic of China will take part in the international conference.

The conference materials are planned for publication in the IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science (Online ISSN: 1755-1315; Print ISSN: 1755-1307) publishing house IOP science, IOP Publishing (UK), Scopus indexing.

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Previously published EPFS materials:

- Volume 1206

- Volume 1043.

Main directions of the international conference
- Socio-economic prerequisites and conditions for ensuring food security;
- Ecological and economic optimization of the land use;
- Greening of agricultural production;
- Digital technologies in the Agro-industrial complex;
- Optimization of the use of land resources in agricultural environmental management system;
- Innovative development of crop production;
- Precision technologies in agriculture;
- Strategic goals and objectives in the field of ensuring food security of the Eurasian Economic Union;
- Problems of technological modernization of agriculture;
- Land reclamation development in adaptive landscape farming systems;
- Adaptation of agriculture to changing climate conditions;
- Problems of technical and environmental safety of the Agro-industrial complex and ways of their effective solution;
- Product and environmental quality management;
- Prospects for processing industry development.
Organizers and partners
Kostanay Engineering and Economic University named after M. Dulatova
Kyrgyz National Agrarian University named after K.I. Scriabin
Tajik Agrarian University named after Shirinsho Shotemur
Sharda University
Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Al-Farabi Kazakh National University
Kazakh Agrotechnical Research University named after S. Seifullin
Ural State Agrarian University
Organizational and scientific comets
  • Prof. Ismuratov Sabit
    Kostanay Engineering and Economic University named after M. Dulatova
    Republic of Kazakhstan

  • Prof. Jose Luis Lopez Garcia
    Universidad Poltecnica de Madrid

  • Prof. Koshchaev Andrei
    Kuban State Agrarian University

  • Prof. Yo’ldoshev Nuriddin
    Tashkent State University of Economics
    Republic of Uzbekistan

  • Dr. Csaba Borbély
    Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences
    Godollo, Hungary
  • Prof. Dr. Zoltán Lakner
    Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences
    Godollo Hungary
  • Prof. Zhunushov Asankadyr
    Institute of Biotechnology of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan
    Republic Kyrgyzstan

  • Prof. Dr. Zoltán Bujdosó
    Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences
    Godollo, Hungary
  • Migunov Rishat
    Candidate of Economic Sciences, Russian State Agrarian University - Moscow Agricultural Academy named after K.A. Timiryazev
  • Prof. Danuše Nerudová
    Mendel University in Brno
    Czech Republic

  • Prof. Bykova Olga
    Ural State Agrarian University
    Russian Federation

  • Dr. Utebayeva Zheniskul
    A.Baitursynov Kostanay Regional University
    Republic of Kazakhstan

Instructions for authors

Scientific articles that correspond to the specialization of the conference and have scientific novelty are accepted for publication. It is not allowed to send to the organizing committee already published articles or articles sent for publication in other publications.

Author Guidelines

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  • Article structure (according to IMRAD). The following sections should be highlighted:
1. Introduction (Introduction);
2. Materials and methods (Materials and Methods);
3. Results and discussion (Results and Discussion);
4. Conclusions (Conclusion);
5. Acknowledgments - an optional element.
The above sections are mandatory. Within these sections, subparagraphs can be highlighted and named at the discretion of the authors. The results presented in the article should be formulated in the form of scientific provisions that clearly define a significant contribution to science.

  • The procedure for accepting materials for publication
Before sending an article for translation, you need to send the original material in Russian to the organizing committee. We strongly recommend that you do not translate the article before the end of the review procedure, since in most cases, after it, adjustments are made to the work.
Articles are processed in the following steps:
1. Article registration
2. Check for uniqueness (originality)
3. Peer review (within two weeks after submitting the article to the organizing committee of the EPFS2024 conference).
4. Translation of the article
5. Conclusion of an agreement for the registration fee
6. Sending confirmation of acceptance of the article for publication.
When the status of an article changes, a message is sent to the corresponding author. A positive result of the check for uniqueness (anti-plagiarism) is received by articles with originality of 75% or more. When reviewing, the compliance of the article with the requirements for publication and the subject of the conference, the relevance of the research are assessed. Articles are published only in English. The article should be written in a language understandable to a specialist in the relevant field. Compliance of the English translation with the requirements is carried out by native speakers and professional translators.

  • Scientific articles (reports) must contain:
- article title;
- information about the authors (surname with initials; place of work, city, country; email address);
- abstract in the amount of 100 to 150 words;
- content part;
- bibliography (the minimum number is 12 references in addition to self-citations; references to Scopus and Web of Science publications are mandatory).
References to the sources used should be placed in the order of mention in the text in the format [1], [2-6], [3, 5, 7]. Do not link to unpublished articles. Please provide links to Russian-language articles (journals) that have a translated title immediately in English.

The number of articles that an author can publish in a collection is no more than two. The number of authors in one article is no more than five. Articles and related documents for the conference proceedings are sent to: epfs2024@mail.ru.

The size of the registration fee is 17,000 rubles (for 1 article in the collection of conference materials).
Translation service (if necessary) - 700 rubles per 1 conditional page (1800 characters with spaces).
Editing service (if necessary) -1500 rubles for 1 article (if you cannot arrange an article according to the requirements of the template, you can issue this service).

Payment of the registration fee and translation (if necessary) is possible both from an individual and from a legal entity. Payment of the registration fee must be made only after the conclusion of the contract for the organization of publication.

Acceptance of articles for the conference proceedings - April 20, 2024.

Notification of the results of the review - within two weeks after sending the article to the organizing committee of the international conference EPFS2024.
For any questions, please contact the organizing committee of the international conference EPFS2024:
Kuhar Viktor Stanislavovich mobile: +7 (912) 225-81-77, email: epfs2024@mail.ru;
Articles and related documents must be sent to the organizing committee’s email address: epfs2024@mail.ru;

Dear colleagues, we urge you to make sure that all the materials (articles) that you send to the organizing committee of the international conference EPFS2024 were not sent simultaneously to other materials of the conference or publishing house, and were not previously published in any publications (including including in Russian).
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